His own way: real estate entrepreneur Javier Cervera Jr. leverages his family name while blazing an independent path for his business.

Javier-CerveraJavier Cervera Jr. faced a choice several years ago: go to work for the successful real estate company his family grew over 25 years, or go it alone. He chose the latter and now finds himself busy building his own identity while leveraging his family name.

Cervera’s only regret is that he didn’t do it sooner.

“I wish I would have started five years ago,” he says from his Cervera-Bankers Holdings LLC office in Miami. “We saw there was a really good opportunity to go in and buy these Class B, A-, B- rental buildings, do a minimum amount of work and in a minimum amount of time convert them to condominiums.”

Today, the company has 500 apartment units in the process of being converted to condos, and has sold another 500 units since its launch two years ago. The 37-year old has also amassed a small but strategic group of land holdings that he hopes to build on or sell for profit.

It would not be far off the mark to say Javier Cervera was born into the real estate business.

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