Our Philosophy – Comprehensive Real Estate Investment & Management

Real estate is – and always should be – an appreciable asset. Similarly, partnerships should create value and returns for everyone involved. At Cervera Real Estate Ventures, we hold these two ideals at the center of our focus. We seek to forming the strongest possible joint-venture partnerships to pursue each real estate opportunity. Our partners are typically motivated by strong long-term performance rather than quick, one-time gain. As well, Cervera Real Estate Ventures attracts partners who appreciate both the tangible and intangible value that comes from hands-on, in-house management of assets – a benefit not usually offered by Real Estate Funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). With CREV, 100% of partnership capital goes directly to property acquisitions and management, with deal-specific goals in mind and ongoing property review measured against established performance benchmarks.

Performance is a priority for all our joint-venture partnerships – which is why we hand select properties that can build or improve upon a strong cash flow position; grow in value through smart budget-conscious improvements; and maintain performance in all real estate cycles. Elements of the portfolio include high-potential undervalued properties that are ripe for market repositioning, equity growth through proper management and improvements, and upward market trajectory. We always consider each property individually for these qualities prior to acquisition, and then commit ourselves to the dedicated in-house management of each property to maximize its revenue and value positions for all the partners involved.

Our partners have come to know Cervera Real Estate Ventures for measuring each investment against our many years of established knowledge and work in the South Florida real estate market – and the expectations for each location’s value in both the short- and long-term. Fueled by unmatched local knowledge, seamless communication, and complete transparency, CREV is able to offer strong, income-producing South Florida real estate holdings with minimized risk and more predictable outcomes.


A 5-Step Strategy for Success

In order to ensure the best performance from every real estate property in our portfolio, Cervera Real Estate Ventures oversees all major steps of the acquisition cycle. These apply to our core property types – Income-Producing Residential Properties of all types, Retail Shopping Centers, and Select Land Assemblages.

  1.     Identification: We use our extensive market knowledge and native insight to flag ideal properties for acquisition. Sometimes these are listed properties. Other times we are able to use our established relationships within the local broker community to obtain off-market deals.
  2.     Acquisition: After a thorough due-diligence process, Cervera Real Estate Ventures determines what the most appropriate sales price for the property should be. We also consider any necessary capital improvements or additional expenses as part of creating an investment profile for that property. We then assemble joint ventures with like-minded partners interested in what each individual deal has to offer.
  3.     Operation: Once acquired, we do not turn our properties over to a third party. This is a hallmark of the Cervera Real Estate Ventures approach. We maintain operational control over the property so that we may begin making immediate improvements to the way the property is run, and how much income it can generate on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.
  4.     Maintenance & Improvement: Based on the research obtained during the acquisition phase, we oversee all maintenance and improvements that can align the property with market expectations. Our in-house Property Management division not only minimizes expenses, but also provides a level of meaningful control over every asset in the portfolio.
  5.     Sales & Returns: Though our principal goal is to create a portfolio of properties that produce steady returns over time, we also recognize that every property has a point when it reaches peak market value. When this happens, we take advantage of our strong relationships with brokers and associates to ensure the best-possible sales price for the property – and the strongest-possible returns for our joint venture partners.