Taking a Personal Role in Performance

There is a reason why real estate has always held strong investment appeal – there is something “real” at the heart of the investment – an asset. No matter what happens, a property will always be worth something, even if that property is land only. However, there are some real estate holdings that perform better financially than others, and it is usually the result of a dedicated team that is maximizing that property’s potential in both the short term and long term.

Involved, experienced property management is how Cervera Real Estate Ventures achieves precisely that. We provide a full-service professional and independent team that takes great pride in a partnership-driven and service-oriented experience. We go beyond properties that simply have an attractive appearance, and deliver properties that are also attractive financially. This means producing accurate timely statements, constantly evaluating market strategy and tenant pricing, and integrated collections and payments. Our ability to successfully handle all these complex tasks on multiple properties adds value to our investors by providing a partner with a vested interest in each property’s performance.

Our experience managing our own portfolio has led to a number of opportunities in third-party management which further perfects our property management approach.

Today, the company actively provides management services to a unique portfolio of clients with seamless, customized, detail-oriented, responsive action that sets Cervera Real Estate Ventures apart.

Services include:

  • Collect rents and additional revenues.
  • Collect HOA Fee
  • Everything related to Condominiums
  • Pay property expenses.
  • Coordinate routinely maintenance, alterations and repairs.
  • Supervise all contractors and vendors.
  • Inspect property in a regular basis.
  • Investigate and resolve tenants’ complaints.
  • Send/Post tenants notices.
  • Communicate violation of leases, contracts or governing documents and initiate legal actions when needed.
  • Coordinate evictions.
  • Track income and expenses and provide online owner reports in real-time.
  • Direct deposit owner’s net rental proceeds.
  • State registration
  • DBPR
  • City certificate of use
  • City tax receipt
  • County local business tax
  • Book keeping
  • Consolidate company financials
  • Analyze and make recommendations
  • Supervise the renovation process
  • Provide bank account monthly reconciliation
  • Coordinate property tax appeal when necessary
  • Identify company and property insurable risks
  • Secure and monitor insurance coverage
  • Oversee insurance claims
  • Mortgage payments
  • Property tax payments
  • Owners distributions
  • Intercompany loans
  • Other payments requested by owners

If you are interested in finding out more about our property management services, feel free to fill out the form below and we will be in contact shortly: